Birth Preparation

Want the very best birth for you, your partner and your baby? Book a birth preparation session with Linda Forbes. Private or online sessions.

Birth Preparation With Linda

Hello, I’m Linda! 

With over 15 years of experience in birthing, postnatal and childbirth education, I offer a range of birth preparation classes.

I’ll provide you and your partner with the knowledge you both need to understand the process of labour and birth. I’ll teach you skills to help you feel supported, confident and prepared for your birth experience.

It’s not how a woman gives birth that leads to a positive experience. It’s how she feels giving birth, understanding her choices, and feeling heard and supported in her decision-making.

Birth Preparation Linda Forbes

Birth Education Options

Below are the options I offer for birth preparation. All sessions are private (in your own home or online) and not in a group setting.

Birth Preparation Class

One 3-hour private session preparing for labour and birth. This class will cover the most important things you and your partner need to know to feel prepared for your labour and Birth.


Induction Planning

One 2-hour private session preparing for an induction of labour. Understand the process and learn how to be physically and mentally prepared so that you can have a positive birth journey.


Birth Preferences

One 2-hour private session for putting together your birth preferences. In this session, you and your partner will gain knowledge to articulate to your caregivers what is important to you.


Birth Debriefing

One 2-hour private session to debrief your birth experience. Birth does not always go according to plan. Sometimes it can be traumatic. Discussing your birth in detail can be a healing experience for you.

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